Smoked Salmon

Net Weight: 100 gr. / Kilogramlık
Box Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 24 cm
Inside Box: 10 pcs.



Salmon 94 %, salt, anise, black pepper, sugar, oak smoke and protective (sodium nitrite salt E250).


Protection Conditions: It should be stored at 0/4 ° C until the last consumption date.
Terms of Use: Bando Smoked Salmon is ready for smoked consumption. It is not recommended to blood pressure patients because the salt content is high.
Consumption suggestion: You can offer according to our service proposal. It should be consumed in 2 (two) days in the refrigerator after opening.
Origin Country: Norway


Party number and end consumption date are on the packaging.
It may include other water products (shelled, headbacked, molluscly, fish products).